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Subject: For the Want of LOve (lesbian / adult youth, g/F, f/ FF, F/g)Warning:This story is a work of upskirt school preteen fiction and contains descriptions of
explicit sexual acts and abuse between adults and children. If
this type of preteen naked amateurs
content offends you or you are under the age of 18
do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded
for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you
wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the
author for permission.Copyright 2005 Jan, All Rights Reserved.Please mail to if you have
suggestions for future stories.
For the Want of Love
Jan Amanda was only 8-years-old when her parent's
marriage ended in a violent divorce in Colorado. Her father
had fallen in love with a younger woman. Her mother had
taken Amanda back to her family home south of the Mason
Dixon line. It was not a happy move. Amanda hated the
sound of her relative's accent as much as the children in
school. It was not until much later that Amanda realized that her
mother lost her mind because of her husband's abandonment
of her. To an 8-year-old it made no sense why her mother
would turn on her. Nothing she preteen baby models did pleased her. If she made
the beds her mother would scream that preteen russion
he had done it wrong
and rip the bedding from the bed and spank her. If she didn't
like the way she answered her she was slapped across the
room with a blow that would rupture her eardrum. Her mother would call her names and blame her for her
father leaving them. She started whipping her to punish her
for any imagined misdeed. When her arm grew tired from
whipping her she started violating her vagina with her fingers.
Amanda could not figure out what she had done to deserve
this kind of treatment. It must be her fault or her mother
would not treat her this way. When she was 12-years-old she asked her father if she
could come back to Colorado and live with him. She was
placed on a train made the long overnight trip back to him.
Her dad's new wife was not even ten years older than she was.
She seemed to be very childish. Having a stepdaughter around
when she was just starting to have her own babies did not sit
well with her. It was not long before she was reporting a variety of
Amanda's misdeeds to her father and demanding that he
punish her. She was being spanked almost daily. When they
were alone her stepmother started to demand that Amanda
masturbate her and even suck her pussy or she would have her
father spank her when japanese busty preteen
he got home. Finally, when Amanda was 14-years-old the police were
called by neighbors that had heard what sounded to them like
a murderous beating being administered to young Amanda.
The doctor's examination disclosed several healed fractures
and evidence of past sexual abuse. As a result her father was
jailed and Amanda was made a ward of the state. Her incarceration lasted longer that her fathers. She
was placed in a foster home. Amanda was a drug addict by
then and drinking anything she could get her hands on. She
would have been ignored by her foster parents if it were not
for her stealing their booze and stash of drugs. They came upon the idea goddess preteens
of selling her in exchange for
drugs and booze. So at 14 she was stripped of all clothing and
kept in a back room where she was forced to suck cocks or be
fucked in any hole they wanted. The foster mother also added
to her personal stash by letting Amanda drink during the day
and bring in thai preteen nudist
women that had a taste for young pussy. She was
often being sucked while she was sucking some strange
woman's hairy pussy. Her foster family some how was being warned before
the caseworker would come to inspect. They would clean her
up enough so that the caseworker did not detect that they were
keeping her drugged and were selling her body so they could
make money off of her. The caseworker assumed that her not
going to school was her rebellious nature. preteens sexy video Her sluttish
appearance was just part of it. One of her caseworkers even
took to taking her out on the pretence of wanting to preteen art girls get her
away from the foster parents to find out how she was doing.
In reality she was taking her out just so she could seduce the
child and eat her cunt while the she feed Amanda her own
pussy. It is no wonder that Amanda hated all authority by now.
When she tried to tell preteen baby models
the court what they were doing she was
accused of lying. To her it seemed as if every cop or court
officer she ever met just wanted to get into her panties or
make use of her mouth. She ran away as soon as she could
and returned to her mother's. When pantyhose preteen photo she returned it was like she had never left. Her
mother never missed preteen clit an opportunity to destroy her self-
esteem. In a fit of rage, for lord only knows what reason,
Amanda blurted out that she was a lesbian. To a southern redneck woman raised on the rantings of
evangelical churches that decry homosexuality as
abominations in the eyes of Gods law the revelation was
enough for her mother to slap her cheek one last time so hard
that it loosened teeth as she screamed that she disowned her.
She was not her child but the child of satin. That put preteen boy nakid Amanda on the streets for good. In the long
run Amanda felt that had been the kindest thing her mother
ever did for her. She got the idea that she could drive a truck
and went to a school to learn how japan preteen naked and to get a license to make
it legal. It may seem strange that a girl almost six-feet tall and
only 128 pounds could actually muscle a tractor trailer around
but she did get proficient enough to make a living doing just
that for the next couple of years. That ended when it became common knowledge that
she was a lesbian. All it took was one accident to give her
employers the excuse they needed to fire her. She was back on the streets again. Homeless, broke and
no family that would take her in, even if she wanted. Amanda
found a female drug dealer that was willing to give her shelter.
She learned how to use computers from her in exchange for
having sex with her. When she knew enough about computers
she got a job making calls for a web company. She made money performing web sex with men or
women. She invested her money in the stock market. She
went from nothing to $300k and back to nothing in no time. During the financial rise the plan was for her to move preteen models top50
another country like the Czech Republic or Hungary. She had
heard that women like her could adopt young girls and no one
would care if she loved them the way she wanted. That didn't happen of course. She has heard that there
are states that have liberal laws about the age of consent for
girls to have sex with women. She is planning on moving to
such a state where she can find a young girl to make her love
her. Right now she has a neighbor woman that had a
thirteen-year-old daughter that she can't keep her eyes off of.
The mother has even commented on her fascination with her
daughter while they were in the laundry room washing
clothes. Amanda tried to deny her interest in her daughter but it
was too obvious. The girl had such an innocent face. Her
large brown eyes looked so appealing on her small face. The woman became friends with Amanda and she
listened to her story and rather than being repulsed by her
background the woman hugged her and kissed her. Then she
did the unthinkable by calling her daughter into the room. She
sat the child on Amanda's lap and kissed her on the lips and
said to her, "Be good honey" and then she left the apartment
on the pretence of shopping for groceries. Amanda felt like her heart was going too bound right
out of her chest. The girl actually returned her kisses. When
Amanda placed her hand on her thigh the girl placed her hand
on her breast. As Amanda pulled up her skirt and placed her
hand inside the waistband of her panties the girl unbuttoned
her dress and stuck her hand inside her bra. While Amanda
was feeling the thin hairs covering her vulva the girl was
pinching her nipple gently. Amanda stripped the girl's clothes off while the girl
stripped Amanda. They performed oral sex on each other until
they had both climaxed. Amanda wanted to get dressed before
the girl's mother returned but she would not hear of it. The girl was sitting on her lap kissing her when her
mother returned. "Did the two of you enjoy yourselves?" The girl jumped up and ran to her mother and kissed her
on the mouth. The look on her face told Amanda that she
could taste her pussy on the girl's face. Amanda moved in
with the woman and the two of them raised he girl to be their
lover together.
I hope you enjoyed the story and have a story you would like
told please send your mail to

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